Cyberpunk dreams, a medic’s origins, batman begins, Iron man, suit calibration.

Chapter 2

Arthor openned the entrance to the secret entrance elevator to the lab behind the bookcase shelf behind me.

I got up carefully. Serena was quiet and watchful of me. Arthor proceeded us inside the elevator Serena got in second I got inside along side her.

It was a tight fit. I put my arm around her. She took the opportunity to check my heart decker on my chest and adjusted it. Arthor watched us trying and failing not to smile.

“So why the paper contract? A bit old fashioned even for you.” I said trying to direct the conversation to something else and not the weird scene we posed.

“I wanted to see how effect your visual enhancers were. Did you read that whole document in one glance?” Arthor asked and then pushed the basement level floor.

The elevator closed and we began to make our descent.

I shook my head. “There not visual enhancers. There decker link scanners. I didn’t read it I scanned over a bit if it. I gathered the jest of it. I couldn’t do a deep dive.” I said.

Senera rolled her eyes at my statement but said nothing when I gave a side look.

“Why didn’t you go for the full operation instead of just getting custom visors?”

I shrugged. “I was making slow progress with upgrading my heart decker so and decided to do a side project.”

Arthor frowned shaking his head. Glancing at Serena disapprovingly. “You should be convincing him to get the heart transplant operation and do away with the decker.” He said.

Serena shook her head. “We’ve made the attempt two times. No doctor professional or otherwise will attempt a third operation. It is what it is?”

I cleared my throat. “So. What did my Dad have in mind with this suit?”

Arthor turned to me. “Rehabilitation for war vets with mental or muscle conditions. I had it motivated for men with your condition to bring a patient up to 50 to 80 percent improvement.”

I stared at him. “That’s impossible. Even if I had a successful heart replacement I was only given a fifty-fifty chance of improvement. No biological tech suit can have that great of a leap in med technology.”

Arthor smiled. “It’s more then a little possible. The research and papers you done on heart decks and med tech calibrations made it possible. We just need your technical mind to figure out how to perfect the calibrations and functionality.”

“You mean you need a test dummy!” I said.

To be continued….

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