Cyberpunk down the rabit hole…

My life right is go, go, go.

I got a moment to dream. I have to dig out brief rabbit holes to my own little wander land dream like time wrap cyberpunk city tales.

I dive into the rabbit hole when I’m on the bus and come out the other end on a bullet train to the east of Newark city hells yard. I got a meeting to attend. The customer is my client’s client and I am the go between posing as my client.

It’s a short story. My client is a coward and doesn’t do direct conflict or contact with people. He hires me to be his brave face to up keep his reputation. It’s all just a check to me no judgement.

The story pauses for another time as I get off one bus on another and go over my check list for today on bills and other shit I have to get done before I get off the bus and head on to work.

Warm Regards,



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