Cyberpunk dreams, a medic’s origins, batman begins, Iron man, the suit and a new corporation.

Chapter 1 continued….


I was helped by Serena into a chair as I sat down in my former family estate library.

Arthor sat a bottle of strawberry cream pop in front me on a coster as I sat on my father’s chair. I waved away the pop.

“I want a beer. I ain’t kid Arthor.” I said.

Arthor ignored my comment entirely and popped open a bottle of his own and took a drink before talking.

“Your father and mother didn’t die by a by crazy just randomly shooting them on the street. It was a power play for a corporate take over.” He said bluntly.

I sat back casting my gaze toward Serena who was staring at me. “Old news to you?”

“I only care about you. If you want explanations ask my father.” She said calmly.

I scratched the back of my head. “Alright, Arthor. What’s this have to do with you asking me to sell my shares off. Are a few members of the board involved in it?”

“All of them. The board is starting another personally tailored company within the corporation for private wealthy investors in need of personal med techs for private treatment.”

I stared at him. “Private treatment for mobsters you mean.”

Arthor nodded. “Yes. You have the means to stop them with the lion shares of the company but their plans are in the works and politicians bought off. You can’t save the company.”

I shook my head. “I wondered why you decided to change the name of the hospital to Saint Ambers. It’s a wash out. All the work my father and grandfather did will be shit on. When do they plan on killing me?”

Arthor stared at me. “No one’s killing you. We’re starting over. No one is going to destory the Bruce name on my watch. Sign this.”

He put a paper contract down in front of me. I picked up the contract for sale of my shares scanning it to see it also included the sale of my family estate to me and two patents for field medic tech suits.

I wondered about it before picking up a pen from the desk and signing my name to it.

I sat back and looked up at Arthor. “What’s the plan here? What are we doing?”

Arthor looked at his daughter. “Show him.”

Serena handed me a red decker with a bright screen. I stared at the image of a detailed file of a dark blue armored suit. “Who made this?”

“Your father thought of it.” Arthor said with more then a hint of pride in his voice. “I put some money into a prototype but it will need time to be redesigned for what I have in mind. It’s in the lab.”

I looked up at him. “Show me.”

To be continued…

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