Great Papo goes to war with the Boomer

Great Papo is sitting up in bed at the family estate with a shot gun on his lap. Great grand son is called to talk to him.

“Bring that sum-a-bitch Boomer here. I’m a shot his fat ass off. This is war!”

I stared at him. “I didn’t take the vaccine damn it. Calm the fuck down. Your not shooting my grandfather.”

Great Papo stared at me. “That fucking asshole. That fucking asshole told me to my mother fucking face I needed to trust the government and convince you to take that shit. Fucking traitor to his clan.”

Holy shit.

“Look man. The vaccines aren’t that deadly-“

“That fucking Boomer is brain washing you with that trust the government bullshit. I talked to your Daddy. He told me what’s the goings on and showed me some stuff but that ain’t the reason I’m pissed off and you know it. That fucker asked me to trust the government! After what the government did to me in 1966 and 88. Fuck the government and fuck that traitorous Boomer son of mean.”

Oh shit. He was really pissed.

“If I get him on the phone and he apologies to you about it will you calm the fuck down?”

“Fuck his words.” Great Papo said gruffly. “I want a written contract that fucking Boomer won’t EVER mention government and trust to me while I’m alive or try to trick you into sucking the dick of the government on your fucking knees.” He said

I sighed. “Okay. I think I can get it done.”

“He has to sign it to in blood is my choice by in ink will do. Now how’s things going with your girl?”

Warm Regards,



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