Cyberpunk dreams, a medic’s origins, batman begins, Iron man and corporate take over.



I died for five seconds on a street alleyway with my parents. It had happened fast. A stranger asking for a pair of credits and then turning and firing an old school revolver at us.

I woke up only because of Arthur Pin. Our family butler/med tech had heard the shots as he raced down the alley  with his medical decker and side arm. He had saved me though it had taken great effort to get my heart going with his medical decker.

The time had cost him though and I had to watch while I could do nothing as he tried and failed to save my parents. The rage and enjustice of it all. If I had known what I know now hell any medical training at the time I may could have helped them. The memory still burns me to this day.

I promised that day on I wouldn’t feel that helpless again.

Fifteen years later……

Chapter 1

I stood in the board room as the board and the current C.E.O. Arthor  all told me that I had to hand over my shares of my family corporation to them. Today, I hadn’t thought to be given a C.E.O position of my family hospital I was still to young 2nd year medical tech.

I stared at Arthur. “Why do you need my shares? I wasn’t planning on selling them to Killgrave or anyone else. What’s this about?”

Arthor stared at me pointedly. “Mr. Bruce. We’ve founded your education and schooling to this point and the board has made the decision to stop at this point. We’re giving you twice the purchase price of the shares. You won’t be needing them anyway.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

Author shrugged. “Your a top grade medic. You’ll go far in the field once you level up and advanced to doing tech surgeries in two years. But, honestly you don’t have the capability to proceed me as the C.E.O. of the company.”

Hmm. Interesting. I hadn’t even thought at all of being the C.E.O of the company. “Who will be the next C.E.O coming up in June?”

Arthor seemed to relax in his chair and smiled a little. “Serena.” He said with more then a little fatherly pride in his voice.

Again more interesting…Serena had failed to tell me any of this. Before our engagement two weeks ago or now.

I felt first warning. It was a burst of pain in my chest. I reflectively reached into my shirt to adjust my heart deck. Arthor frowned starting to raise but I held up my hand. “Let’s get to it then. Give me a deta pad and light pin.” I said in rush now to get out of this room filled with strangers I owed money to. I could no longer trust them. It had been a fucking loan. Hell could I even trust Serena now. I barely kept back a grimance of pain.

Arthor frowned at statement. “If your feeling under pressure the signing will not be legal right now. We’ll send you the contract later when you’ve calmed down.”

I was being dismissed and knowing Arthor and that tone nothing I said would having any baring on changing his mind. It never did when I was under his guardianship. I needed to get back to my office though to check my decker though. I really didn’t need this shit. I just gotten a replacement six months ago. I had come here to ask for time off to do community work in the lower districts of Newark, now by the looks of things I would likable be asked to leave the company if I did that. I was still only a two year med deck and I didn’t have any pull with the board at all.

I nodded stiffly. “Sure. Send me the contract later and I’ll review it and get back to you signed.” I said quickly and turned carefully and left the room.

Damn it.

I kept it together barely. I was just hoping to get to my office and relax alone. I got out of the elevator to find Serena waiting for me. She was dressed in black suit that hugged her body and showed off her hips. She studied me with sharp dark eyes the same as her short tight tomboy hair style as I angled around her and heading for my office.

“Ah kinda busy right now Serena. We’ll have to do lunch later.” I said trying to tell her to go away politely because employees and patients watched us.

Serena ignored my comments. “We have to talk about some issues regarding work.” She said loud enough for others to hear.

Fucking hell. I couldn’t get rid of her now. “Yeah. Okay.” I said gritted my teeth and entering my office.

Serena closed the door locking it and then closed the blinds as I headed to my desk unbuttoning my shirt. Serena came over started to help me. I tried to push her hands away but she gripped my shirt and stared at me.

“Calm down. I didn’t know they would tell you about the shares today. I would have been there with you.”

I stared at her. “I’m fine.” I said in quiet voice though the chest pains were coming fast. “I just need a few minutes alone.”

Serena stared at me. “I’m not going anywhere. Ever. Your angry at me for not telling you about them offering me the position.”

“I’m wondering why you didn’t tell me. It’s..” I paused closing my eyes. “I just need to be alone.”

“I said no. I was going to tell you. I just couldn’t figure out a way to do it without this shit happening. Damn it. I told Daddy to wait for me to be in the room. Just sit back and practice your breathing. I’ll check your heart decker.” She said opening my shirt and checking the decker.

“I need a fucking drink.” I said uneasy now.

“No. You need to relax.” Senera said.

My computer screen came awake. I saw Arthor’s face for video call. “Reject call.” I commanded. “Send message. I’m fine. Get me the contract and I’ll sign it. Send message.” I said.

I heard the jingle for my message being sent but again a video call image of Arthor came up.

“Take call.” Serena said.

Arthor’s image came up. He studied me. “Master Bruce. You really don’t so hot old boy. You look like shit. I’m sorry to say I’m the cause of it but it had to be done.”

“You could have sent me an email instead of having to come to board room for that bullshit and stop calling me Master your my boss.”

Arthor leveled his gaze on mean. “It had to be done. The board doesn’t want you in charge.”

“Go away Arthor. Your only pissing me off more.” I said.

Arthor flinched at my tone. “I need you to come home. We have to discuss somethings.”

“I don’t have a home. It’s your house.” I said but Serena caught my chin.

“Stop it. I need you to just breath.” She said and glared at her father’s image. “We’ll be home tonight. End call.”

To be continued….

Warm Regards,



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