How to be comfortable looking like a dumbass when your learning something new.

I’m learning a new skill at my day job. There are certain risks in it and current moments I just feel like a dumbass for moments doing something wrong and then I shake it off.


I’ve spent two to three years learning new skills and feeling like a dumbass half of the time. I’m an old fuck but still I have the same uncomfortable moments when I’m learning something new.

Before, it was a headache and I got the shits half the time from self-esteem bullshit and fear. Now. I don’t give a fuck.

I learned that it’s okay to look like a dumbass learning and making mistakes in the beginning. It’s okay to be a little careful and to ease your way into getting into the groove of a skill.

My groove sets in when I’ve had a couple of months in the shit. I am a slow learner. But, generally when I learn something I take it to heart and I make it my own as natural to me as walking.

Humility goes a long way for other people being understanding toward you in the beginning. It also helps to give yourself a break and time to understand and master the elements of how a skill works in the sum of it’s parts to get the best results from it.

I give 110 percent commitment and honest effort in work and learning a skill. I don’t want to stay the same because everything I have ever started I was interested in I was shit at it from the jump. But, I never stayed being shit. I kept at it and I get better or I move on to something else.

Generally speaking in learning a particular skill set. Perfect practice is a rule I learned in college. There is practice doing things the wrong way and mastering the wrong way and there is perfect practice doing a skill set the right way and mastering doing things the right way.

I’m willing to look foolish, and make basic mistakes and be corrected and helped into doing things the right way. I’m unwilling not to put my best effort into becoming better or more skilled at what I do.

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