I really need to dive deep into cyberpunk dreams….

The stories write themselves for cyberpunk world. I have ideas swimming in my head. Though I still haven’t even explored the whole nomad badlands side yet.

I’m thinking of writing a book soon or later next…. wait a minute. I could do it for November’s kiss. I just want to write a nice short story for it though as a side project.

I still have a vague memory of reading through

Do Android’s dream of electric sheep.

The concept and the feel of the book is banana balls to me but Philip K. Dick made that shit feel so lived in and down and dirty real.

Honestily I haven’t really did a deep dive into his shit but the occasional story I’ve dived into cyberpunk shit always pulled me in.

Paycheck. Man that book. I liked how Dick led with the charecter and gave the reader bits and glimpses into the world that the charecter lives in without making the world the focus.

I got to get a collection of Dick’s stories when that shit was hot. I want to explore his thought process to pull out more ideas unexplored for my cyberpunk world.

Warm Regards,



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