Cyberpunk dreams: Fixer’s vacation

The Fixer on vacation….


“Sigma? What the hell are you doing here?” Miss James said as I heard her come out of the building.

I looked up from my detapad and put it away as Miss James dressed in a plain looking silver blue suit cut to her form. Her jacket was open to show her silver blouse that hugged her breasts nicely. She came out of the restaurant from her business Brunch meeting. Her bodyguards, asistent and partners all stood at attention at her sides blocking the crowd from coming close to her.

She was a modern day royal in a neo silver city and she belonged to me. Well…not in the modern legal way but in the nomad culture way.

“Congratulations. I have an hour of vacation time. You want to go on a ride around the city before you next meeting?” I asked her.

Miss James gave me a sardonic smile. “You heard about my pregnancy?”

I stared at her. “No. You just hit 6.1 Billion ebs this morning.”

Miss James froze and then quickly looked at her deta pad. She stared at it and then calmly put her detapad away. There was giddiness in her eyes now. She held up her head higher and thrust out her chest on display. She walked toward me swaying her hips. She looked behind me at the transporters lining the corner.

“Which one?”

I pointed at the bike directly behind me. “Sense your carrying an investment in futures. Maybe a bike ride wouldn’t be wise.”

Miss James waved me aside as she stared at the silver blue cyber blade bike.

Her silver blue painted nails traced the name of the cycle on the base of the cycle on the side.

“E. James. Cute. ” Miss said sounded more bored then impressed.

I shook my head. “It’s the name of the company that makes the bikes.” I said.

Her head snapped up and she met my gaze. “You bought a cycle company for me?”

I shook my head. “No. I invested funds in a cycle company as an executive over a trust.” I said.

Miss James stared at me. “I do not need your financial protection.”

I snorted. “Aw. I never said you did. The trust again is for the person inside you not you. You don’t get a dime.” I said.

Miss James stared at me. “When are you going to stop hustling in the streets and come up to my level and stop hidding your wealth?”

I held up a finger. “1. I have a wife worth 6.1 ebs.” I paused and held up another finger before she can speak. “2. Being public rich only has it’s uses for normals. I’m a private service provider. My value is dependent on my reputation and my network of customers. I’m always working and I didn’t come looking for you. People like yourself come to me.”

Miss James stared at me. “I am not pregnant by the way. I wanted to test you. I can’t figure you out just yet or what is between us. It seems to reasonable, all business and detached but you keep looking at my breasts and legs and you seem strangely available in your schedule to fufill your marriage responsibilities in bed when I call. So I’m confused.”

I grinned. “So you want to take a ride or waste time bullshiting? We have seventy minutes and twelve seconds left.” I said and held out a helmet for her.

She took off heels and handed them to me taking the helmet. Her asistent Camy Vader came up to her helped but some boots on her feet. I put her shoes in my side saddle. I hopped on starting the engine and put on my helmet.

She hugged my waist as she leaned in behind me. I started the engine pushing the converge silver button. The bike started to raise she held on tighter.

“What’s going on? I don’t like heights.” Miss James said over the radio in the helmet.

“I’m just pulling it out of the space. We’re not taking the SkyWay. Trust me.” I said.

“I do.” Miss James admited.

I smiled and pulled the bike out on to the road once I found a break in traffic. It was still morning so traffic was light. I gave the bike a little more turbo and took off down the street.

“Wooo. HOLY SHIT!” Miss James screamed her excitment over the radio.

I smiled and just enjoyed the ride on my vacation time.

Warm Regards,



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