Lil Nas X is Pregnant with a serious case of shit.

It creeps under the surface. You see the hint of it behind the masks of money and the pursuit of power.

Their fucked. Their all fucked by the creeping demon. The snake from before. The madness within.

It is the under control able un satisfied desire to turn beauty in to filth.

Nothing is safe. No innocence can exist for them. They are the buttom feeders. They are the children of the lie. They are the children who must burn away truth and feminine grace and the glow of natures truth.

There is no end to their madness. There is no end to their endless pursuit of the nothing…..

In English…

The shit made want to vomit. Damn it. Damn it all to hell and back but thank God….the shit still makes me sick.

Warm Regards,



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