Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 5

Let’s put some Crocodile Dundee 2.

Dinner in the dungeon with a mobster….

Chapter 4


I woke up as I heard the laughter of Gannon in front of me. I lifted my head opening my eyes. Gannon sat in front of me with a female gurrudo at his side dressed in only a red two piece bathing suit and necklace around her neck.

I knew her. She was the chick that almost killed Cash a while back. She stood close Gannon almost like she was piece of his black suit.

Gannon studied my face and waved at the stack before me. It was cut up and spoon was set on the right side of the plate.

I picked up the spoon and started to eat. Gannon chuckled. “So trusting. I could have posioned it?”

I paused cewing down the meat before I spoke. “You don’t give a damn about me so long as I live long enough for you to get the tri scolls. What are you plans for Hyrule then?”

Gannon shrugged. “Out of my hands really. I don’t give a shit like I said. Once I get the scrolls I’m headed home but you’ll be to busy to worry about me or your departed father.” He said mentioning the fact he killed my father.

I sat the spoon down and sat back. “You know this plays out. We’ve been on this dance before. You always lose and I’m always standing over your sorry ass.” I said.

Gannon smiled widely showing his teeth. “Legends. Yes. I am awhere of the fate of our previous ancestors encounters. This time is different however. I don’t want you, this backwater kingdom or the scolls. I have profession. I’m a middle man.”

I looked between him and the female. Something was off about this whole deal. Yes. Sooner or later I would kill him for killing my father but something wasn’t right. This wasn’t how the fated story went.

“Is she your sister?” I waved to the female.

Gannon didn’t glance at the female. “No.”

Shit. This was all wrong. I didn’t trust any of it. Gannon didn’t have sex with females he was gay or at least an Asexual. It left me questioning everything to the moment my father was mudered. Hmm. Something wasn’t right about that either. It did happen but something wasn’t right about it.

I stared at him. “Who are you?”

Gannon smiled. “Hmm. Insightful. I’m sure you’ll realize it soon enough. But, I have a question. Why Cash?”

“What about Cash?” I asked.

Gannon sat back brushing his arm against the female. I heard her short in take of breath in pleasure and I saw her body stiffened for a moment. Then she relexed.

Gannon contined to stare at me ignoring her reaction to him.”Why are you two involved? He’s strong, loyal and dependable but he is beneath you. Why choose him?”

Gannon or whoever the hell he was full of shit. “The same reason you chose that female to your right. We are royalty. We can have what we want but he was born to be mean.”

Gannon didn’t smile but he nodded his head. “That will make things less complicated. Now I know Cash will do whatever he has to save you. Eat. Your stack is getting cold.”

To be continued….

Warm Regards,


P. S.

Holy shit.

Hot damn! I’m good.


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