For last two years and a half I have be structuring my life according to goals primarily with a focus on destination in mind a head.

For the most part it’s turning out well. I’m never on pause now.

You know those moments when your doing something that is a waste of time just to be doing it because you don’t have to work.

I’m working all the time it seems. Whether I’m writing or doing my day job or even reading a book it’s relating back to working.

To what end?

For some it’s for the bag. The position. The power to achieve current goals on purpose for an excepted end.

I am a gamer at heart. I need to know the rules. I need to know the parameters of what I can do and what I can’t do and whether or not I can break past those parameters by might or force of will.

I need to win at the game. So I need to work on my goals to get to that end point. I need to work and now part of me is being to forget to turn it off because the results are wonderful to see.

Warm Regards,



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