Breaking my limiter….

There’s this manga and anime called One-Punch man.

It’s leaps and bounds one of the best story and Super hero worlds I find so interesting.

What happens when a man becomes the strongest man alive alive after fighting millions of monsters and becomes un beatable? It should be a dead end story but it’s not. It’s about what do you do after that and how important human relationships are inspite of achievement.

But, the concept of the world is where I want to discuss for this blog post.

The world is all built around the concept of limts. Biological limits, psychological limitations and character limitations and the theory that once not always individuals who work the hardest, train the longest and grind their way through life’s battles can achieve moments when they break through their own limits.

Their called…heroes.

People that put in the work that have a set goal in their minds.

I think about my 20+ years of grinding at writing. I think of my hand hurting from long sessions of writing. I couldn’t stop writing either to see where the story was going or to escape into something else I could control.

I was shit warmed over when I started writing and I had no idea what the hell I was doing. But, slowly time consuming patience. I finally one day unknown to me at the time I broke through my first limiter and I’m still going.

If you feel like giving up the craft…wait a bit that sound you’ll hear afterwards or that funny as hell line you’ll write one day will be the sign…

You’ve broken past your own limitations.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

What about the people that don’t put in the work? That coast by or try to find the easy way to achieve their success? Their willing to cheat. To kill. To eat anything to achieve their wish of fame or power.

Their called…monsters or villians.

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