The great debate……

The first shot: Should a man hit female that assults or is trying to kill him with a fucking knife?

Man. “Yes. He should stomp her ass out and report her to the police for assault.”

Female. “Okay. Well. I can agree that anyone should defend their self from harm but it would be better for a man or woman to run away or call the police because in a hypothetical situation. You can have a 6’6 man easily seriously harm a 5’4 female. Really most females are no match for males because on average men can easily lightly push them away using little force.”

Moderator. “Interesting so what is your answer?”

Female. “I just gave you my answer.”

Man. “She thinks a man shouldn’t hit a female under any conditions.”

Female. “I didn’t say that.”

Man. “Next question. Please.”

Female. “Wait a minute.”

Moderator. “The next question is. Does a man have a right to defend himself? Female, you go first.”

Female. “Ah yeah. I just want it on record. I did not say anyone man or female does not have a right to hit someone attacking them. Okay. Should a man defend himself? Ah. Yeah. Defence can be running away calling police or using force against another man.”

Man. “A man has every right to plant his foot in whatever ass, male or female that comes at him in violence.”

Female. “Interesting. So Man. Do you believe it is your duty as a man to do violence to a woman?”

Man. “Next question. Please.”

Female. “I would like a rebuttal to my counter question.”

Moderator. “Man. Would you care to rebut her question?”

Man. “It is the duty of every man to defend himself from hurt or harm against male or female that comes at him with violence. Any woman that condones cowardice or violence against a man is an evil bitch that enjoys men being violated. Female, do you condone cowardice in men for the protection of females? Yes or no?”

Female. “I do not condone violence against anyone for any reason.”

Man. “So a Female that attacks a man with butcher knife is wrong but a man must not protect himself with violence because violence is still wrong? To wrongs don’t make a right? So it’s much better for man to be killed then defend himself for matriarch of society?”

Female. “Your a female beater aren’t you?”

Moderator. “Female has attacked with name calling. Man wins….again.”

Warm Regards,



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