Real talk..What does it mean in man speech?

In the ninties it meant no bullshit. But I like the new lingo.

Look. For dudes that can’t abide female bullshit speech real talk gets to the meat and says fuck all that noise in between.

In writing it’s gutting all big ass paragraph and cutting the bullshit so you can hit the reader hard before decides to threw your shit in the trash from boredom.

I was watching a fucking podcast last night and the shit really hit home for me. You have two females that just kept on talking. Kept on bitching. Kept on trying to reach a point by talking the other dudes on panel to death.

It’s blind narcissism word vomit after awhile just hearing a chicka that can’t understand when they’ve pushed a dude’s endurance to listen and hear to the breaking point….

This is why I think of conversatives as hoes. All that talk, all that snarky bullshit speech and no fucking direct to the point actions….

Well there is Texas conversatives but I like to make an allowance for them being a high priced hoe or home maker with 45 special Sunday surprise in her purse and large clan of males with big dicks, big trucks and bigger guns.

Warm Regards,



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