The year’s almost up….still things unfinished planning wise.

I’m reassessing myself and my plans. I don’t know. I had a lot more things to do this year I didn’t get done on time. Still have a few more weeks and months to go.

I will have to better plan the shit out better. I started out with a five point list that’s gone to shit. Now it’s down to four items.

1. Finish major book, edit publish. Not done. I have written the beginning and ending. I still need to complete the middle and flush out the plot. 25% success rate.

2. Increase my funds and earning or job promotion. Not yet. I worked a lot more and made leaps in funds during certain months but I need to do better. 15% success rate.

3. Blog. That’s done for most part. A success in one aspect plenty of room to improve. Goal is 2 million readers and production rate of 110% in a ten year period. As of right now though it’s 75% success rate.

4. Self improvement. Need more work. Focus and drive to get things done. But, I’m reading more and challenging myself. Still need to remove time wasting habits. 50% success rate.

I have finite amount of weeks now and months. I’ll have to push harder to get the major book project done and make more resources to fund other projects in the works for the first or second quarter into the next year.

November’s kiss could be the major push to get major book project done. 1 to 2k words a day should net me a viable positive result by December in finished product of the book.

Warm Regards,



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