I don’t understand why people believe Biden should give a damn about U.S. soldiers living or dead.

Yeah. I heard about the shit about Crept Keeper Biden checking his watch as the bodies of fallen soldiers came in.

People are surprised or mad he doesn’t give a fuck. People are generally angry about it. My thoughts are….

Holy shit.

The simulation these people are in is strange cocain dreams. What evidence or proof is there that this man ever gave a fuck about Americans? Let alone soldiers that died under the command of his phony bullshit leadership.

He has and always will be a fucking beta bitch loser. Worse. He’s the loser fuckers held their noses and voted for because reasons?!

Who are these fuckers?!

The fuckers that bitched. The fuckers that complained about big dick energy. The fuckers that whinned like beta bitches for years gladly voted for this man knowing he was an old school pimp cocoain democrat.

Nobody wanted this beta bitch soft ass asshole but fuckers voted for him to feel righteous and good about their little dick energy or their blue haired, land whale, plus size stanking ass.


Will I take up the banner of whinning about Biden? No. I know what he is. I know who controls him and I know the end to this movie.

News flash. Usually the black dude dies first but I’m an American Highlander so fuck that shit.

I don’t have time to give a fuck about the show in progress. I’m to busy trying to get my plans for the next ten years going before people realize it all went to shit in January 2021.

The question though is fascinating to me for the moment. Why?

Why do these fuckers still believe he should have cared in the first place?

I can’t comput this shit anymore. So in conclusion…..

The fuck?!

Warm Regards,


P. S.

Fucker knew the families didn’t want him there in the first place. Luckily they were both an agreement about the shit.


3 thoughts on “I don’t understand why people believe Biden should give a damn about U.S. soldiers living or dead.

  1. Yeah, Biden’s a beta. What do you expect from the beta party? You’ve got a nothingburger of choice to vote for though. You got on the right dick suckers for the giant corporations. You’ve got on the dick suckers running to catch up to the FIRST dick suckers.

    Fuckers, one and all.

    At least Trump occasionally burst free of his confines and said some real talk. Not often, no, but something is better than the Eternal Zero from the Eternal Politicians.

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