Childhood dreams haunting me…

Not in a nightmare before Christmas sort of a way. It’s a movie and a once lost dream of mean…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in pass or not but before I wanted to a writer. I wanted to be a transporter or to be more on the square…

I wanted a neo cowboy.

Now. There are dudes that still do the herding cattle or horses from one land mass to another or in trailers but neo cowboy’s haul shit from one state to the next in trucks and make decent money doing so even to these times that have gone to the doggs.

I know modern cowboys are called truckers obviously but in my head I think of truckers as cowboys because of one movie..

Smokey and the Bandit.

I saw that movie to many times as a kid on TBS and then the unedited version on HBO. I love the fuck out of the movie.

The fun, the travel and the sense of adventure getting a job done on time or to the best of your ability. The commitment is real. The adventure of not knowing what is down that road your traveling is what life is all about. The not knowing but the determination to keeping trucking.

That song in general at the beginning of the movie is my jam. Perfect intro. I can remember when I got older reminding that shit back again again on VHS and then digital and now on YouTube currently just to memorize lyrics and feel of that song.

On hard days, I find myself singing that song. It isn’t a nostalgia shit moment for me. It’s more of a moment….no. It’s nostalgia to me and wishful thinking on being on the road and traveling on a mission and having a little fun along the way.

Warm Regards,



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