What is an American?

Strange question. What would I know of it. My skin folk and kin folk were never considered apart of such.

My people were born here. My people were created here after the fact. Stolen and burned were the languages and links to my own tribal heirtage.

I am of a mixed kind.

And yet….

I know. Before there was an American country or an Empire in later times. There was a people.

A people that just wanted to be respected by their king and leaders. They just wanted fair and legal trials.

Rights and liberty were denied to them. A hearing of respect wasn’t acknowledged. What were they to do?

They were men. They were fathers. They were farmers. They were Americans.

In the course of events they penned their names to a death warrent of names delivered to a King they had disowned.

History calls it a declaration of independence. But really it was a notice….

Fuck you and fuck your authority. We’ll meet your bitch ass in the field of honor and have at it like men. You bring your guns. We’ll bring ours. Let’s go!

Fucking read that shit. Think about the fact these shit kickers put their names to the page and said fuck it we ain’t taking the shit no more.

If you have balls between your legs you know only The Real say what they mean and mean what they say and are willing to fight and die by their words.

That’s big dick energy. That shit kicking attitude. That is….


Is that still alive today?!

“It’s the system that’s going to break. Not me.” – Lt. Col. Scheller (2021)

This mother fucking shit kicker is an American. The blood of fighters and Americans is in his fucking blood.

Fuck it. I am a son of the Michael. I’m an American Highlander. I cew on Iron and I spit out bullets.

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

Warm Regards,



2 thoughts on “What is an American?

  1. I wish Canada could have a fuck you attitude so easily picked up like a baseball bat against a night light pole on the street for you. For my country, it’s Justin Trudeau central and we’ll take away your rights because we gave them to you, b/c we can….

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    • I feel for you but…Canada is still apart of the west. You are Canada. You have that shit kicking attitude. I refuse to think there aren’t more Canadian’s that still have the spirit of the west in them.


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