Rome is not forever.

I used to love watching the history Channel occasionally as a kid and seeing and hearing dramatic events from the past re-told in cinema storytelling style.

The events of the fall of Rome come in my mind a lot. Not just their Immigration policies, their ever increasing expanse of the empire and social economic problems that happened.

It always was interesting how easy it could all fall apart when you have a series of events and decisions all smashing into each other.

Romans thought their lifestyle and the empire would last forever. They lived their lives up to the point and then the Roman dream was over.

That’s the thing isn’t it. All Empires either shrink or fall in power. Why? Nothing we do as humans lasts forever. So no big government system can go on forever.

Now. I don’t know the future. I just know bits and pieces of the past and I have a general realist review of the world as I see it or deal with it as the world presents itself to me.

I see the U.S. political system today as a game of misdirection and slight of hand mind games tricks. I see the cost of living going up and the dollar only having worth by the power of faith. Blind faith in the American dream and American millitary arm.

I see a divide in the perception that the American Empire will go on forever. I see a lack of a give a damn in the immigration problem. What’s the problem? Nobody in the phony government system gives a damn about it. So people pour in and other people put on shades and say it’s a problem that can’t be solved. It’ll be here forever just like the American government.

America is an ideal?! The American government will last forever?!

Trump? He was never going to solve the problems that have built up over the years. He only had a slim chance of shrinking back the Empire to keep the fallout as massive as it will be now.

The blunders successes and quick succession failures wins of the Chief Crept Keeper Joe of the clown party gang millitary holds the faith and assurance of the entire American People. This is what is told to me. Funny. Why don’t I believe it yet?

I could say it’s because I’m jaded or a pessimist but that would be bullshit. I’m a realist. I don’t believe in shit because somebody told me to. I look at the real world and then see if the shit lines up.

I could be wrong about the fall of America. Though I don’t think so. I don’t know the future. But, I’m a realist. If I see things going a certain way I like to prepare myself accordingly to a realistic outcome because….

Winter is coming and Rome is not forever.

Warm Regards,



2 thoughts on “Rome is not forever.

  1. You had two really good, artsy lines, one of em ’bout putting on your shades and looking at things and the other later on down. See if the shit lines up.

    Keep it real, Dogg. No matter what smoke gets blown up your ass. Don’t even believe my smoke. Believe in YOSELF. You’re in a room of heads moving one way, the same way, just turning, turning. Stop turning your head to match em.

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    • Thank you I was feeling in that mood. Again my mind goes to the road not taken by Robert Frost. Normal people go down the same road never once turning their head to that road that is less traveled. What’s the fun in traveling down a road everybody goes down.


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