Magical Realism and characters that drive a story. (Writing craft)

I was doing some late night writing and brainstorming on planning out my book.

My current writing style is first person character driven stories. I slip into it easy enough in writing. Once I have an idea for who the characters are then story writes itself when conflicts are introduced into the characters lives.


A new thing with the La Rue series I’m working on is the world building. It is semi magical realism to the world.

Though that wasn’t the intention on my part it came about as I realized how weird the charecters were and how they didn’t entirely fit with the real world but another world or alternative history.

I went with it only because the charecters are the way they are. The world they live is a reflection of that. It’s weird though. The magical side of the world of La Rue isn’t fantasy Per se it’s realism with faint taste of magical.

The concept of taking a learned skill like deta analysis and making it a kin to Precognition. The talent would be grounded in realism that you can’t definitiate between is it magical or it just a skill someone is born with.

Just imagine that. A person born with the ability of deta analysis that can help them have precognition about possible problems in the future based on previous events in history or logical deduction pattern analysis.


Again the fuck I know but I have a charecter in the series that does it sense they were young. They went to school as a means of looking (normal) when they do it for companies to solve problems in cyber security.

I don’t even know if I’ll get to that charecter.

I could remember writing La Rue The Heir and thinking….is Bella really a magical muse or a talented artistic person. One of the charecters put a doubt in my mind about my theory but still Bella is too damn weird, special and normal to fit in my world entirely.

It wasn’t until recently that I finally found a name for what I was writing regarding the story. I knew it wasn’t new but I knew I had found something interesting.

Warm Regards,



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