Incase you didn’t know yes…I’m not a fan of feminism.

I don’t really know what’s worse. Feminism that decrys big dick energy as evildoers of war and madness while making demands to entitlement to it or goble dumbass nuclear assholes on a war kick to pave the dirt with blood.

No. Feminism is worse. Neo clowns are soon to be relegated to a shit stain of history’s dumbass period.

Feminism, it had a purpose that was done when feminine rights dominante male rights to the right of not having to tolerate feminine big asshole energy.

The last song for feminism being anything great is over….

The modern give a damn is at a low for modern western men tolerating the joke that feminism is equal to Big Dick Energy.

Mind you if you hear a dude even try to say, “Yes, Men are nothing without females” or “western society needs more female leaders?!”

We the men of the fucking world have a name for that dude….

A beta bitch simp. This bitch is only worthy to clean out a gas station fully loaded shitter at the command of his blue haired sea beast feminist boss who still won’t fuck him.

Warm Regards,



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