Some asshole reminded me of somebody I like died today so I’m going to talk about Support your local Sheriff.

No bullshit. Some asshole put up some damn video about it on YouTube and so I’m watching Support Your local Sheriff today..

I watched this movie when I was a kid and I enjoy every minute of it. It’s also one of those movies I just love and still laugh at now. Though I only resent started watching it again.

It’s crazy but the lines and story are just good comedy writing to me.

Classic movie. You have your lone fast shooting stranger coming into town

Dressed in black of course and taking on the job of Sheriff because…why the fuck not and he needs a job while he’s mining for gold and on his way to Australia.

The timing of the jukes. The weird subversion of how people would act in a heroic story to how they really act to danger and the potential to getting your dick shot off.

The way the movie deals with violence and self defence in a comedic fashion is just brilliance.

It really is a feel good movie. It does have romantic bullshit but that shit is more like a side fart on the side and it does not take itself to seriously.

Warm Regards,


P. S


I am an old fuck.


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