Romantic bullshit theories 1. My take on the Curry divorce proceedings….

Disclaimer: I don’t know why the fuck Dell and Sonya Curry are divorcing nor do I care but for the fact the things I’m hearing from “sources” and  allegations from the two individuals makes believe it’s about several levels some grade A bullshit.

I am hoping I am wrong and people don’t really believe romantic bullshit is a real reason to get and stay married. Now let’s get to the….

Romantic bullshit…

Now I’m watching a video by a dude that’s in the know on celebrity sports culture and couples secrets and such.

He presents the news that some basketball couple is getting divorced. I don’t give a fuck at first but then he starts getting in to theories on why the divorce is happening now.

My romantic bullshit meter is going off. I go from I don’t give a fuck to…this fucking female shit again.

Why? It’s because of two articles.

Article 1. Yeah. She was a rich millionare wife of a retired basketball dude but you have to understand….she wasn’t happy.

Holy shit

The words. She wasn’t happy gets my balls cramping up my dude. The words don’t comput. I…the fuck?!

I have no idea what marriage has to do with being happy. Real talk. My parents marriage wasn’t even like that.

What the fuck?

I try to understand but it sounds like female bullshit to me….though I know what it means…..

Mrs. Sonya Curry wants to get fucked by some other dude of higher value to her and she doesn’t want to be shamed about it. So of course I should feel sorry for this rich lady, right?!

Article 2. He was possibly cheating and he possibly was emotionally abusive?!

Holy shit.

I had to stop the video a couple of times because I was getting pissed off and then hearing this other shit from them or both sides…….

Let me paint you a picture….

Back in the day before my time. This shit happened all the time. But, rich folk were…well….smarter.

If a mother fucker was being an ass or cheating on his wife or whatever hell else he paid for it not in divorce all the time…the female went on a vacation?!

What type of vacation? A decade long one where she went her way bought a house on some fucking island and didn’t see her husband in two decades and lived happily while getting fucked by her 20 year old pool boy. The end….

Am I saying that is noble or right? No. I’m saying women were well…smarter. Why go through a noise and messy divorce? When you can spend the dude’s money, never see him and he does the same shit to her.

Because in the end it’s really a case of they got bored of each other and wanted to fuck other people.

Again, I don’t know what the fuck is the truth. I don’t really care. It isn’t my business but….the notion that these two adults married for romantic bullshit or really might think romantic bullshit is real even now is to me not laughable…..

It’s dangerously stupid. This shit has to stop. I’m serious. No married couple I know or have known stayed together simple because of feelings or romantic bullshit.

Warm Regards,



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