KDBooks takes R.C. Waldun to school….

Holy shit.

Fair warning this is premium book nerd shit.

Alright here’s the link to the book review of R.C. Waldun’s newest book?!

Short introduction to KDBooks. He’s a book hound with PHd in literature bullshit sniffing. He’s picked up a dumpster fire scent from the book.

The short summary is holy shit take the book off the shelves and take it back to be edited in a book editing hospital. Put that bitch in the intensive care unit for miss spellings, grammer and a lack of give a damn.

Holy shit.

The extreme levels of big dick energy rage had your dude wanting to take KDBOOKS to a bar for a fucking beer just to console his soul on having to read and study the book in question.

Holy shit.

This dude examined the book from the cover to lettering, to quotes, to plot (the fuck?!) and to the story. (The shit)

My thoughts….

Holy fucking hell?!

What the piss?

What kind of bullshit logic is that?

Mate, come on bro. You didn’t edit this shit. Mate you got to take this shit off the shelf bro. Your embarrassing yourself Mate.

My conclusion…

R. C. Waldun is a great video essayist to a point. He’s also twenty years old and really doesn’t know enough about life then he thinks he does or himself.

We’re living in a post literate era. R. C. Waldun is a product of that. As am I.

Holy shit! I can’t believe he put that shit out like that. Waldun has a huge following and supporters. He has a bigger commitment to them in the least get the spelling in the fucking title correct.

You know I feel like a hypocritical asshole for how many spelling errors I do and have to correct on my blog being critical of Waldun but….

Damn it to hell and back I’m not the fucker that is presenting myself as a university scholar and lover of academia and all that bullshit. He is an academic. He’s been going to school a long ass time….hmm.


Why the fuck is he still in school?

What the fuck is his objective to being there? Real talk, school isn’t life. School is prep work for what you want to do in your life. Who the fuck wants to stay in school forever?

Fuck it. The dude needs to stick to video work because at least he gets his work edited properly.

Warm Regards,



5 thoughts on “KDBooks takes R.C. Waldun to school….

      • Tha bitches is definitly gonna drive this world iNTO THE GROUND. I basically grew up in a single-parent household (My dad was chasing skirts or something; I don’t know exactly to this day) and I can tell you, the three sisters and mom’s conspire against you when you’re the only boy. Sheeit. Fucking bitches. I’m sure they told themselves “It’s for Catxman’s own good.” RIght. Like I officicially ceded control to you chicks.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hot damn alive. I grew up in a similar matriarchal situation. Strangely I hold no ill will and such to my departed mother. She taught a valueable lessons….never let a woman control your life or emotions and never allow a female to disrepect you no matter who she is.


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