Men that justify a female drinking piss for money

Interlectually, I don’t give a fuck about onlyFans fucking over low budget porn stars. I have a problem with dudes justifying the shit as legitimate as a dude working at a gas station clerk cleaning out the shitter in the back.

Real talk. Porn is porn. If a dude wants to cash app for some low budget porn star to show her tits to him for cash it’s legal but so is being a practicing alcoholic.

Neither one is good for a dude. It’s how he chooses to live or waste his time. I have never heard a dude need to justify to me his need to smoke a box marlboro cigarettes to me.

It’s a legal way to get high. I don’t go up to dudes and ask them to justify smoking shit that could give them cancer. You grown and the information is on the box.

Now why do dudes hate on discount porn stars on onlyfans losing their gig?

Simple enough. Some dudes have a moral problem with it or they’ve got to much fucking time on their hands hating on discount budget females and not being on their purpose.

I don’t give a fuck I’m trying to write 40 books before I turn 40 and earn more resources so I can buy land in the future. I got plans. I got ambitions that don’t got shit to do with money or females being the focus. Pretty soon I’m going to have to cut out my own vices so I can get shit done.

That’s what the whole shit is about. Is a vice you entertain in your life good or bad if it’s legal and nobody gets hurt?

It’s a vice. Automatically It’s bad.

Being on your purpose is good. Being on the grind is good. Achieving your goals is good. Becoming better then you were five years ago is good.

A vice is a distraction we engage in that distracts us from being focused on advancing our progress as men or as writers.

Vices can be fun but sooner or never. The fucking book has to be written before death comes to meet us between now and one last sentence is done.

Warm Regards,


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