Men provide, build and are expected to be bad ass. Females work because men allow it.

Real talk. I ain’t a feminist. I’m a man. The world don’t give a fuck about me unless I provide something or make something of value.

I’m cool with being judged on what I do and how I behave and the content of my character because I’m a man.

Still, even then I get shit on for not allowing some low quality bitch try to disrespect me because she has a pussy?! Fuck that noise.

Women out number men in the west and maybe the fucking world. What does that mean? For every man working on the grind doing his best to improve himself there are ten women fighting over the lead position to receive his dick. Females are hoping and praying he will stop their corner in his ride in front of her and be willing to give her dick and money.

Women receive. Men provide. It’s the law of fucking nature. Equality between the sexes is men allowing females to work for some reason. But, men are expected to earn more, provide more and be big dick swinging mother fuckers.

Real talk. There is no such thing as men and women being equal in a real world reality sense. It is a social and legal simulation designed to make women feel they can hold their head up high about receiving dick and money from dudes or females….let’s be real though. Men are the only highest paying and loyal customers in the worldest profession.

Some of us have a moral problem with prostitution because the idea of men buying sex from low equality females for a bargain price seems a litte bit cheap and a waste of money. My opinion well…..

One, I don’t give a fuck and two I would rather be focused on my purpose, my goals and pick up a submissive, agreeable, traditional virgin….not born in the west. But, again females are not the focus of my life at all.

I don’t need a woman. A woman would need me if I chose one.

Dude from work advised me to pick up a chicka from a remote village and marry her. That’s what he did and he got five kids out of his female and gets treated with the one thing every man wants from a female….


It ain’t love and it damn well isn’t a hard working independent individual person with a pussy.

It’s respect first and no female bullshit are the top grade needs for men. The bar used to be higher but most men in the west are able to cook for themselves.

In summary,

A man must be, he has to be….

A mother fucking BAD ASS!!

Every female alive will settle for a simp of their own making and dream of being fucked by a bad ass mother fucker or find a corner or go on tinder and start asking for donations from one.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

Let’s address a few questions before I close….

What about female doctors? Or female nurses?! Their healthcare providers. Right?! I got you!

Do you?

How many of those professionals would turn down a big dick when offered? How many of them would hunt down for a chance to snag a big business CEO or settle for a beta bitch that would ALLOW them to keep their job that puffs up their sense of self worth while the female can still gain the higher status of being a wife to a fucking man.

Same old bullshit.


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