Guardiandogg’s Rising: First step

In memory of my Uncle…


Powerplant, downtown Baltimore, Maryland. July, 2001.

Lightning raged above our heads as we stood outside on the balcony of the Starbuck on the upper floor of the powerplant. Antwan smiled.

“You afraid G?”

I looked down below at the other young males paired up with their mentors and fathers.

“Why the fuck do I have to do this shit, Antwan?”

Antwan shrugged. “We’re Highlanders. It’s a right of passage and all that shit. Now stop bitching and get ready. I can feel it coming.”

Fucking bullshit. I was afraid. This was my first real quickening. I would have rather done this shit at home. No. I rather skip the shit entirely and hit the gym for a boxing workout. But, fuck it. Let’s get this shit over with.

I held my shaky hand out. I felt and heard the thunder clap before it came down striking my hand. I screamed like a bitch and fell down. My body twisted and moved on itself in pain.

Antwan smacked the lightning off my body but it was already striking down all around the harbor. He held out his hand. “You can’t run from it. You got to take it on. Come on.”

I saw a lightning bolts strike him but he held out his hand to me.

“Come G. You can handle it. Your a Dogg. When don’t run from conflict. We embrace it like a 5 foot shorty in a green dress.”

I looked past him as a huge lightning bolt came down behind him and I pushed him away as it approached.

I took my stance twisted my hips and whipped my arm around striking it with a right cross. The pain rocked through my body almost making me buckle but I held my own.

“That’s the way G. Punch it. Force that bitch. Come on Highlander. Do it.”

Tears flowed from my eyes as I felt a roar come up out of my soul and past through my lips as I turned into the pain and forced the lightning back challenging the pain into the force of my rage and my enemy I had to subdue.

“Ahhhhhoooo. FUCK YOU!!” I roared back punching back the lightning falling to my knees.

I didn’t have the strength to go on luckily I didn’t need to. The storm passed and I felt it as my body electrified.

I looked at Antwan as his body was of the same state. He grinned at me.

“Here comes the fun part.” He said.

I stood embraced the conflict and pain. It happened.

The quckening…

Warm Regards,



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