Daydream as a profession…this dude gets it..

Here’s the post.

It’s a good poem no major spoilers hit the link give him a like and check out his works.

The poem is titled. Hunger is the secret ingredient….and it sure is.

I rock with the way he sets it up and hits you with the good shit at the end…

My dude.

My brother of the song language.

Fuck it here’s a spoiler….

The alarm goes off…I hear the opening rift of BANG!

I get up and then I lie back down. I don’t want to get up for work or anything else. I just feel like shit. Then I remeber oh it’s my day off. I smile and hug my pillow.

But, then the second alarm on phone goes off….

*Get your punk ass up. You don’t got no day off your on the clock. You got to put in the work on that desk. Or I ain’t sucking no dick tonight.* I hear my girlfriend’s voice go off in the recorded message.

Damn. I get up and sit down at my table and…..

And that’s enough of spoiler.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

I need to do this shit more.


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