Conflict avoidance I.E. low Key simping…

Let me summarize this long ass post. I think any dude that hints at or let’s himself be silenced by a female on a power trip talking fit is a beta bitch or at worse a beta bitch simp….. you don’t let a female on power trip silence you.

You let her know she just stepped into the shit. You can cut to the bone or freeze her hot tempered ass with cold logic and a indifferent response to her female bullshit.

My previous post.

I think I might have been wrong about an earlier post about a dude confronting a black power princess about her bullshit.

But in any regard I’m taking another thought on it.

Let me paint the picture.

A dude asks a black power princess about her thoughts indirectly on thoughts on the rainbow community have a canceling policy on anyone that makes for it and her indirect approval of such.

She of course isn’t listening to him. She’s got a sword in her mouth and is ready to cut anybody that she preceives to come at her.

Keep in mind they’re on a video call podcast miles away from each other. But, for some reason it’s always a fucking battle when someone with a dick challenges her authority…


Holy shit.

Authority?! By authority I mean pussy.

The fucking entitlement of these modern first world shit hole power trip royals.

A college educated dumbass with a silver spoon in her ass or high-school drop out slut with the babie princess (the world is mean because I have tits) mindset. Both can talk shit and both look stupid when put in their place.


The dude has to endure her mindless talking like a fucking clown and then when he has had enough and agrees she’s right. She’s fine for a second but then she realizes he might be saying shit to get her to shut the fuck up so they can move on in the podcast to the next topic.

There was apart of me that thought postive of the shit from a *he’s taking a piss on her power trip authority* but then I have a second thought. I put myself in the dude’s place.

What would guardiandogg do if a bitch got in her female feelings and was in a mood to do a lot of talking thinking it would beat me down…..

What would guardiandogg?


I’m the bard of the interwebs. The sage of dark comedy.

I cut deep or I shut down a conversation with ice coldness. I don’t say this with pride. I say it with honesty and knowledge that conflict avoidance isn’t my cup of tea. Heaven help the female if and when I get in a mood to start asking  psychological questions about the females mental state.

That being said. In my beta bitch days I did the conflict avoidance a lot or down playing my position to get a female to stop talking because I was bored or getting pissed. So I know the excuses. My thought is if a female wants to fuck around in a dominace game of discourse….

My first question is why are you such an argumentative bitch? Did you learn how to be a bitch from your mother or did your father teach you lessons after he came home from sucking dick at the back of a gas station?

Yes. This would be a serious question and I would have a series of questions to hopefully get to an answer or get bored and stare at her like she’s a blue hair sea beast.

Warm Regards



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