A strange reaction…

I recently watched a video interview of a group of taliban dudes after they took over Afghanistan.

A female poses a question to them about females being given power and choices in Afghanistan.

Their reply was laughter. My response was laughter.

Why? I had to think about for two seconds…

Their Muslims. Why in the fuck would they give up power to women when they have the choice of having multiple wives and living in a society with zero percent female bullshit.

I’m not saying the taliban are an honorable group of men. Their the taliban. The video was basically bashing them about being a patriarch society and their religion and leader being morally deficient and violent.

You’ll get no disagreement for me on the violence shit with one memory of years in the early 2010s a memory of Christians dying in the droves by the hand of Muslim zealouts why the fellowers of Christ died on make shit crosses.


I don’t think women make good leaders. I grew up under a matriarchal system. I don’t rock with it and I will never live in it again.

I look at the experiment of feminism on the west for the last 50 plus years and I’m living in a time when the Empire I was born into is dying. Largely in part to men becoming pussfied and female leadership becoming the idol worship of female supremacy of choice.

A beta bitch simp might be fine with the current events but fuck em all the same it’s all shit to me.

It is what it is. Translation: Shit is shit. Lying about it to not make your Momma unhappy isn’t going to change the fact that she still shat on herself and the family barbecue.

Warm Regards,



3 thoughts on “A strange reaction…

  1. …OX news prays on the sentimate and compassion of audience when discussing the transgressions of Taliban against women; all while paying monthly to settle sexual assault suits. Like to point to comparable behavior to justify theirs.


  2. I like chicks in the same way a young boy likes spinning top toys. I like the turn them and set them moving and see where they go. But do I have bigtime respect for them? Aw ha ha ha ha HA!

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