Finding your blogging style….

There is a finger style for every type of blogger from the way a word is used to the way a subliminable underlinging tone to what you write and reasons for way you undertake a subject. I believe it is best to be 110 percent intentional.

At the unset of this year. I didn’t really had a plan on how I was going to undertake crafting a writing/blogging style for this blog I just jumped right into writing and the ideal presented itself and the barrier around that idea I was going to encase myself pleased me greatly.

Honesty, humor and shit kicking grit.

Twenty-twenty for me and most of everyone on earth wasn’t a trully pleasent year though. When I saw 2021 wasn’t going to be much in the way of tame I found it….

Funny. Real talk. I laughed out loud and wrote consistently through the shit storm of the texas snow storm. I was honest in my estimate and short to the point. But, I wasn’t of a mind to be depressing about it or woe is me.

Fuck that shit. If you the reader are willing to take the time to read my shit. I will try damn hard to entertain or strengthen your grit against the bullshit fear and depression feed to us by the fuckers in charge.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

My advice is be intentional or least be funny.


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