What great Papo is laughing ass off about something

Great grandson tells Great Papo about an argument between him and the Boomer in the kitchen of the family estate while great Mema was baking bread in the oven while reading a magazine sitting down by the oven.

Great Papo frowns at me. “I don’t get it youngester. What’s the Boomer so  ornery about? The millitary had to leave Afghanistan they already lost the war to two years ago. Even that Trump fella said they was going to pull out.”

“Ah. It was a matter of how I said it that made him mad. We didn’t pull out we were ran out of the country.” I said.

Great Papo stared at me. “What’s your Daddy say?”

“The same but he was smart enough not to say it to Grandpa about it. I kinda lost control when Grandpa said Biden had planned to leave the country. But I asked if it was planned why did they leave weapons and thousands of people behind running for their lives? He blow up after that called me a Trump loving bastard just like smart ass Daddy.”

Great Papo rolled his eyes. “Fucking Boomer. He’s always losing shit over silly shit. I’ll talk to him. What’s this I hear about you getting vaccined?”

Ah shit. I had to be carefully here I thought. “Ah yeah. I was thinking about doing it.”

Great Papo frowned. “What does your father say?”

“He says I’m my own man but I should do my research about the effectiveness.”

“What are the side effects?” Great Mema asked.

I looked at her though her back was to me. “I’m still learning about them. I don’t think there any. ” I said.

“There’s always side effects sweety to government approved vaccines. So did my son ask you to get vaccinated?” Great Big Mema asked.

“Ah. We talked about it. He’s a bit still afraid about the-” I said and paused because Great Papo started laughing.

Great Mema said nothing not bothering looking up.

I waited until Great Papo stopped laughing. “I figured you would be pissed. What’s so funny?”

Great Papo shook his head grinning like a thief. “Nothing. Just a little bet between me and my female. So ah. Are you going to get vaccinated or tell the Boomer you got vaccinated?”

“I haven’t decided in either case I’d have to wear a face shield, mask and gloves around him. How do you think I should handle the shit about the government running out of Afghanistan?”

Great Papo shrugged. “Fuck em. Let him be mad. He’ll forget about it in a couple days when he gets a new girlfriend or some weed. What do you say, Baby?”

Great Mema shrugged and lit a cigarette took a drag and sat back. “Jr. Apologize to him and tell him. He was right.”

I stared at her profile and saw her cheek turned up in a grin. “You mean lie my ass off.”

“Of course honey. Baby come over here and help me take this bread out the oven. Handsome you stay put.”

Warm Regards,



2 thoughts on “What great Papo is laughing ass off about something

  1. Good writing. I usually have trouble sitting still for one whole reading of a long text, but yours kept me going, which is a high thumbs-up.

    That vaccine … I read a science fiction novel where the evil goer was a lawyer and he wanted to reduce the human population massively so he cooked up a toxic brew and put it in the vaccines he got everyone to take … Covid reminds me of that shit. The talking heads on TV’s morning shows getting their arms jabbed double-reminds me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah. I wouldn’t care but when they start pushing the shit on people and not leaving room for a choice it just gives off the vibe of “trust me you and let me pull your pants down to check something.”


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