My knee pains and a rough week….

I fucked my knee up this week. How? I have no fucking idea from work to just being active all week long I just know it had to be when I wasn’t working and I got up wrong and fucked my shit up by accident.

It’ll heal over the next couple of days but it is testiment of the week being one rough one at the tail end of summer.

It’s not a serious worry just a moment of reflection about my chosen vocation and how I never notice my age but for when I have to heal from injuries from work or doing something stupid.


I’m reminded of it. I have never feared death. Even when my Daddy died when I was young.

I feared not knowing who I was. I feared not have a purpose for what I do and who I am.

Now. I don’t fear anything. Not even my hurt knee.

I’m reminded that I have things I wish to accomplish. My biggest writing goal is to write 40 books before I turn 40 and 40 isn’t a long time a way from where I am now.

I can do it. But, still November’s kiss is coming. I’ve always wanted to write a novel on that month. I might make it my goal this year to finally do it.

Warm Regards,



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