The bitch is for the streets…

The inspiration for this bullshit.

Let me paint tell you a story….

Once upon a time a bitch that worked as manager for a big corporation “fell love” with a surgeon at a hospital.

The dating lasted a heart beat and soon they were married for 7 years.

About around the 8th the parent’s of the surgeon started wondering…

“When the fuck is this bitch going to give you some babies Jr?”

The bitch in question was waiting until she turned fifty to adopt but she decides to make the sacrifice and gets pregnant at 33.

She goes through a rough time because she’s an old bitch that soon turns her into a hateful bitch at the end. The family is asking about another baby and she tells her mother inlaw…..

“You can go fuck yourself or find some whore for him to knock up.”

In so many words….she’s a feminist..enough said.

She finally has enough of the shit. She leaves her 2 month old baby at her apartment for the mother inlaw to watch when she gets there and she heads on to her work to beg them to let her come back from maturity leave because she needs…she desires…she deserves to be a working woman.

She has to saddle for a lower position because the company is in transition. She does so with a smile because working in a cubical is better then nursing her child and not working at all.

Oh…she divorces her husband.

She is a modern female hear her roar?!

No my dude. She is a bitch for the streets. Hear her bitch and complain about the patriarchy while she sits on her boss’s dick for a promotion to asistent manager.

Warm Regards,



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