I was wrong about Joe Biden. There isn’t a chance in hell of him starting a new war let alone finishing one.

The writting is on the fucking wall with the loss of 20 year goatfucking war there isn’t a chance in hell of the U.S. Empire starting another let alone winning now.

That’s the goodness in all this shit. No more wars.

Wait a minute…pause.

Real talk. The war in the fucking desert was lost years ago. The fucking dumbasses in charge tried to go to war with the people in their homeland against a gorilla army so of course the fucking Empire lost.

I didn’t vote for the war. Hell I would have taken the bitches out to the yard for a ass whipping (discussion) about the stupidity of doing the shit.

Democrat pimps and GOP hoes that loved waring all over the fucking world lost. It wasn’t my war. My war hasn’t started yet and it ain’t against the Muslims that just wanted the fuckers to get out of their fucking country.

The fucking balls on the Overlords to make this shit last the amount of time it has is what has me sharpening my sword.

I would say anyway but fuck it. I ain’t done ranting

I FUCKING HATE the philosophy and doctrine of the Overlords of America. The MORE GOBLE MOTHER FUCKING war war WARS. FUCKING BULLSHIT.

Fuck em. The fucking lives they took. Our peoples lives. The fucking money they spent. OUR FUCKING MONEY. On all this fucking goble war machine horse fucking, bum shiting mother fucking shit.

Fuck em and anybody that defends more of this shit. 20 fucking years. Trillions of dollars. For one big goble clown loss.

Holy fucking shit.

I dream. I have a fucking dream. That one night. The last laugh will be the laughter of a free man taking these sons-a-bitches to the yard for a stomp session on some goble war loving, Jackel protecting ass.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

Americans didn’t lose the fucking war. The clowns in office that kept us in the shit for 20 years loss. So…fuck em in the ass with an IRON Rod my dude no lub….methodologically speaking of course because the fuckers might take pleasure in the shit.


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