A discussion of money. The slaves and the masters…

I had discussion with my younger cousin X around and about the topic of money.

I was telling him the general shit that I wasn’t told. What is minimum wage and the realities that he would have to really start thinking about planning out his life. He was half listening and following along the matter. I know because I was the same way his age.

He’s young and undecided about his life and he never really was taught the value of planning out life and orchestrating his life to run a certain way…neither was I. We both grew up without father’s….though I had a longer time in being father in my child when I had a father and my plans were simple. A house, a pickup truck, a yellow dog and I wanted to be a transporter.

His wants are simple as well. He lacks the experience and confidence of working to achieve a goal and maping out his life to go a current way intentionally.

I’m thinking back on the way I approached the subject of money. I have no love or high regard of it only as a means to an end. That’s how I approached the concept of dealing with money.

Their are some I consider masters of money and their are some in my past I have seen are slaves to it. I wanted to be the later in a passing way in my younger days. That changed as I was jaded by my experiences.

Money is a means to an end for me. I am not motivated to working simply for the bag. In the same respect I can’t really understand people that live lives of chasing after money just to have it. To look at it. To hold it. To smell it. To have it just in case their secret fear situations happen money will save them.

For me money has no value beyond trading for what I see as the value and if you value minor things you only need a certain level of money to acquire what you value.

Some poor people are slaves to money. They value it. They live their lives walking around tall because of big rolled up bills of it in their pockets from legal and illegal means or pretend they have it by borrowing expensive toys and flashing stacks borrowed money on Instagram as a sign of their own worth as human beings. The money is a sign they have gained their happiness.

Some rich people see safety and comfort in money. I find the idea to be weird ass backwards thinking. Because I would see the fact they learned valueable skills that gained them money. The skills are the value to me the money is just proof of the skills being worth anything.

Example. If I can design a house in stead of being given money why couldn’t I be given a house for my price for my work? If I work 9 to 5 why can’t I be given shares or dividends from the company as my price for my work?

These are unreasonable expectations in the real world but these are my thoughts or questions.

Warm Regards,


Again, I don’t think of my thinking as the way to think of money. I would rather be a master of it then be it’s bitch.


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