When the U.S. Empire falls what would a Texas regional country look like?

I’m just throwing out theories on the shit because we don’t really know what it would look like. I’ve seen tv shows and read shit about it…

But. Usually it’s always the assumption that Texas will figure it.

What does texas has to back up this claim?

Texas has it’s own millitary. Texas Rangers of course comes to mind. There’s history there. There’s a tradition there.

Still though. I think about Mexico. The closest neighboring state.

They have? They could possible take over….

I can’t even entertain the thought with the Rangers Texas okay and then you got the massive amount of guns here and gun owners.


There is a weird mix of Mexican and old Western fill here even today that is just here engrained in people and attitudes and structures of society here. It’s all together Mexican or American. It’s Texas.

Changes come slow and easy. The culture stays the course though.

Money? Currency. That wouldn’t be that hard now a days. Crypto currency. Silver coins. Foreign currencies. To many choices.

hmm. Anyway.

What about local government? What about it? It’s not great and it’s not overally ill-redeemable. The less I have to deal with them the better for them.

Still though. Could it be that easy for Texas once the empire callapses in the 2030s?

Easy?! The word doesn’t match my experiences here or the fostering Texas grit I’ve grown just being here.

No. It won’t be easy. But, Texans will get through it with a smile and a “oh that’s just how things go.” Attitude.

They might even get giddy with the thought of having to ride horses to the store occasionally.

Honestly I don’t think much would change beyond having to defend the border from Californians from getting in.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

I’ve been here 2 and half years. Where the fuck is the racism I was told about in the north?

The answer is of course…it was all bullshit.


2 thoughts on “When the U.S. Empire falls what would a Texas regional country look like?

  1. Honestly I can see TX survive and adjusts to a dystopia scenario but after seeing how life can just not go the way we expect it to go. It is not hard to believe in the much worst scenario but I can still see that if there is any real folks left then bartering and trading goods and services is going to be the new currency to replace the us dollar other then that if TX does adjust then the Texas dollars could make a come back as well as a rise of the new republic of Texas. But until we see it for real then this is all just guest work and speculation.

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    • I’m a realist about it. I don’t try to do a lot of guess work to much in the positive or negative. I just try to be realist and I know myself well enough not know I’ll be fine and I’ll find something funny or interesting to do no matter the situation. I don’t know how to give up.


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