Freedom. I like my day job but every once in a while I get the itch for it.

I like to do my own thing. I like to make my own entertainment and I like to be free to think for myself currently however my money is tied to a job.

I’m not a beta bitch about it. I like to work and I like to be active on the move on my feet and I like the atmosphere but my mind isn’t suited for the shit.

I have a drifting mind. I’m too introspective even at times I try not to be. Freedom. To go your on way to do your own thing. I experience that only half of the time in my days. In my present moments still my mind longs to be free to be about the enterprise of solving the problems presented to it or having even more freedom of movment to do what I will and when I would like to.

I ponder my position. There are very few things that worry me. But, obtaining and holding onto freedom is a problem I can’t seem to let go of until I solve it for myself.

I desire to work for the enjoyment alone without a care for concern of resources to obtain. All I can think of at present is land. All I lack immediately is a plan and knowledge. The problem still holds me to take a look at it until I find a solution to it.

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6 thoughts on “Freedom. I like my day job but every once in a while I get the itch for it.

  1. I’ve got a book I could lend you about moonlighting on the Internet during your spare time to make money. I actually do have such a book.

    Dogg *spreading hands* you’ve got to think seriously about your threshold for risk. The greater your risk threshold, the more you can achieve — but the harder you’ll fall if you take the fall.

    That’s why there’s not more kidnappings and ransoms for money. The risk threshold is too damn high for most pussies. If I didn’t think I could make it on my own, legally, I’d fucking give that a whirl because I’ve got big balls and a cleeeeeeeeeeever mind-palace to go widdit.

    I don’t care about the law. I don’t give a damn about propriety or social customs. I don’t want to be respected. I don’t wanna be a “pillar of society.” I just want enough to survive in minimum living standards. Ideally, that means a home and a car, but if that fails, an apartment and a good transit pass in a big city like Toronto.

    Peace out,


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      • Yeah. I’ve seen effect people’s characters and morals close up more negatively then positively. Personally, though. I do prefer minimalism to an extent then being beholden to shit or money fucking with my mind or how I treat people that have it or don’t have it.

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      • I think drug dealers are a good example of money corrupting. Those boys down in Colombia had it all and had money to burn. There was nothing more they could have wanted. They should have wisely called it quits after that. But what did they do? They stayed in the bizness and fucked with chance. And the cartel ran afoul of the law. It’s the equivalent of kidnapping rich man after rich man. Make your money then get the F. out.

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