A study in black culture “Industry Baby” an endless stream of nonesense and bullshit.

I ain’t fucking dropping a link to his shit. You can find it on YouTube.

Industry Baby?!

There’s two video versions of this shit. One is censored the other is balls out naked dudes dancing.

I ain’t watching it because the shit ain’t for me. I stopped watching and liking hip hop twenty years ago.

Now. I tried listening to it and realized I couldn’t understand what the fuck language he was saying so I googled the lyrics.

The fuck?!

This is hip hop. A stream of words that travel down the pathway to a fun house of mirrors all worshipping the mirror image of a dude that’s addicted to dicks, money and vanity.


This shit is grade A dick addicted shit. It ain’t for me.

The video has over 3 Million likes. His people support him and his lifestyle. It is what it is.

It’s amazing. In a weird way. Black people do not own hip hop or rap. It’s all bought and sold to the rainbow community, the European community  and everybody else that swims in the shit pool of modern dumbass art with sound masquerading as music with taste.

Nothing in that song or his lyrics reflects back to me the good, the beauty, the true.

But, once again it ain’t for me. I’m just an old fuck. What do I know? I can’t say anything bad. I don’t want to offend anyone.

I’m really sad….fuck it.

Holy shit.

What fuck is up with this bitch’s voice? I can’t stand this mumbling bullshit rapping. Bitch need to put some base in his voice when talking about his love for money and himself.

Holy shit. The fucking balls. He ain’t even rapping about anything. If he is again I can’t fucking hear it because of his bitch ass no confidence voice.

Holy shit. Get your balls up my dude. Your fucking rich with a life free of female bullshit. This dumbass is doing a fucking video in prison of all places.

Give me a fucking break. Stop pretending you ain’t got money. No Black dude wants to be in prison.

What about dick addicted black dudes?

That’s a fucking a lie from the devil. Why in the FUCK?! Would a dick addicted dude choose a prison to get dick and not a naked beach on dick addicted island?

To stop the cap.


Stop the bullshit.

Stop glorifying prison bullshit. That’s the biggest issue I really have with this bitch. I don’t want to see his bitch ass glorifying federal slavery.

3 million plus dumbasses liked seeing black dudes in prison dancing for their entertainment fuck em.

Being imprisoned isn’t based. Being imprisoned is modern day slavery.

Warm Regards,



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