Why doesn’t the dying Empire of the United States support Taiwanese independence? Holy shit.

Short post.

The reason is simple. The Empire of the United States of America is in decline on the millitary front and political front. The Chinese and Russia governments are on a weird raise at this point.

The American Empire can’t back Taiwanese independence millitarally so supporting it vocally is useless. Right now the Empire’s millitary is in a retreat from openly trying to fight Russia or China. Why? We lost the edge in weaponry and our millitary leaders are dumbasses. Though some foreign empiral U.S dumbasses that love war are hoping to push the millitary in that direction it won’t happen and the empiral U.S citizens won’t support more wars.

How long will China’s raise to world power and influence last? The fuck I know. Every damn country is in to serious debt and China is moving toward being more communist.

The rule is full communist countries don’t produce wealth they produce death and hunger. Added to that their one child per family policies in the past have fucked them over majorly for a few decades still.

So time and the devil will tell.

Warm Regards,



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