What does The Bible say about shacking up? Well. A man’s concubine doesn’t have any benefits. She can be put out any time.

I was thinking about this shit because I watched a video where this smart ass black power princess kept asking the question in a podcast near the end about what does the bible say about shacking up?

She doesn’t follow the bible. She believes it’s bullshit. It’s what I gather from her tone and attitude.

Now. I had an answer though. The basic answer is nothing. The no bullshit answer is concubines don’t have rights they are receivers of big dick energy and resources.

Shacking up is not a legal diffinitive relationship. It is a pretty way of saying a female that sleeps under the same roof of a man that is providing her money, sex and/or protection.

What kind of relationship is that though. A concubine or sex slave of a man. I am not awhere of any laws in the new testament for a concubine. But, there are old testament teachings and examples of how concubines are treated.

There are arguments coming.

You see. The Bible is outdated. It doesn’t say anything about what shaking up is today? You could consider it two people being married from a bible stand point, right?

Nope. A baby momma, a gold digger and etc is a legal concubine to a man. The American Empire has declared that the only way the concubine can get a benefits payment plan for her sexual services to him is for her to have his child.

You got to understand. She must provide him an heir for the legal system to acknowledge that she isn’t a worthless hoe or girlfriend. A Concubine can earn a benefits payment plan from her master and the government. The government being the second provider in the situation legally.

Of course being a wife a female has a more solid permanent payment plan with a highly valuable man. However, modern concubines for some reason have children by multipul masters that don’t have a pot to piss in, on average or are in jail or dead.

Other arguments. The man isn’t the bread winner. She makes more then him and they’re living in her apartment or house. You see your wrong.

Nope. She’s receiving sex from him and or protection by the fact he is under the same fucking roof. In some form or way she is a mistress or a traditional concubine.

The man is the prize for the concubine. Sense she isn’t worth marrying she decides to take a secondary legal status of concubine or modern term baby momma.

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3 thoughts on “What does The Bible say about shacking up? Well. A man’s concubine doesn’t have any benefits. She can be put out any time.

  1. The baby momma seems to think she can get everything, just by being bitchy. She needs to shut her yap and cultivate her feminine sweet side. A good attitude gets you everywhere in life if you’re female; if you’re male, being an asshole will accomplish the same thing.

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