Can a Lady behave or act with masculine energy? No. A modern female can though.

Let’s define our terms. I googled it.


2. a woman of superior social position, especially one of noble birth.”lords and ladies and royalty were once entertained at the house”

Guardiandogg diffinition


1. Polite. Kind. One who comports herself respectfully. A person who is raised rightly. One who does not over talk someone else or communicates with aggression or domineering bitchy tone. She is not interested in squaring up with a dude at the drop of a dime so she watches her speech and does not be little people for the sake of appearing smart or sexy. She does not want to be a mistress to several men let alone one man.

Modern female

1. She is an independent minded person. She prefers to be a concubine or mistress and motherhood is optional. She believes in a (matriarch) *partnership* equal corporation between one business entity and another.

Now with that shit out of the way. Of course a modern female can act with masculine energy. She isn’t a lady. She is an independent person looking for a transaction.

What about romantic bullshit? Do Ladies believe in it?!

Holy shit. I can’t even…man that’s funny.

Do modern females believe in romantic bullshit?!

Yep. They give it the amount of respect it deserves. When romantic bullshit goes up like a fart in the wind they divorce the dude to live as concubines or a few of them go out and get jobs.

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4 thoughts on “Can a Lady behave or act with masculine energy? No. A modern female can though.

  1. Right on. The typical chick is partying in her early to mid 20s and riding the cock carousel and then when 30 comes up on them they desperately start searching for the legendary alpha male to come and save them. I wrote an article at my website about chicks, dance clubs, and getting laid with one:

    tl;dr Dance clubs suck and it’s best to hit on chicks on the street. Don’t take “no” for an answer; be insistent.

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