Remember, Remember Michael Mitchell



Michael Mitchell.

The actor. The body builder. The lab rat. The “hero” of modern science.

He dared to thumb his nose at the lessor mortals that said,

“I don’t wanted to get vaccinated.”

He mucked them. For their unlogical fears.

He took three vaccine shots to prove to the world that the men in lab jackets were right.

He mixed the chemicals in his body from different corporations handlings.

He posted his progress from each shot in succession on his social media stomping ground.

Two cocktail mixes of Sinovac injections.

The third Pfizer “booster” for last round up.

Six days follow his journey as a “hero” of modern science. He had to prove a point.

On the sixth, he was found


His story will not be told. His Facebook confessions have already been erased. But, this is the internet age. Nothing is erased it is merely covered.

This story is for the unauthorized.




Michael Mitchell.

The actor. The body builder. The lab rat. The “hero” of modern science.

Warm Regards,



3 thoughts on “Remember, Remember Michael Mitchell

  1. Covid’s bullshit man. Think of it: The gubmint’s always complaining about all those old people suckin away tax dollahs and then BOOM! Covid comes, and wipes out a big chunk of the oldsters, saving the gubmint MONEY and what happens? Lockdowns everywhere. Sheeit, the fuckers should be grateful that they saved that much moolah on SOshul Securitee.

    — Catxman

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      • Well fuck. Why didn’t they tell me this on the newz? Oh, that’s right: the newz is all whitewashing propaganda.

        I’d love to see a program tell it like it is: some real shit thrown down.

        I mean, the Latin countries got them half-naked chicks on TV doing the weather, and that’s kinda real, why can’t we have economics and politics done real too?

        Everything’s part of some plot to warp the minds of the sucker-viewers. As if that shit’s believed anymore. Nobody trusts the talking heads. They worship the Almighty TelePrompter and rely on dat to get their lines straight. You should watch the YouTube clips where the ‘Prompter screws with their heads and they say the stupidest shit …

        I’m sprinting for Brazil as soon as I can get the money for it. Rio honeys. That’s where it’s at.

        — Catxman

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