Yeah…companies are begging for people right now but people have option to say, “I’m good.”

Alright current events is I see a lot of  now hiring signs going up. Everywhere even at my job looking to fill positions few want or nobody wants.

I’ve had again thoughts about looking into the jobs near by my place but the problem is….

I ain’t interested in working somewhere else or doing something else. I’m comfortable and I got options and money. I can decide what I want to do or keep doing what I’m doing. Until I need more resources to accomplish my goals.

That’s how I see it or empathize with other people. People have options thanks in part to the government giving people checks out and unemployment benefits.

People have money and the option not to work on a job they don’t want to do.

2020 I was working the whole damn time….no I was working a lot more then I am now and I was thinking alot about the worth of what I was doing the benefits and the reason and I was pushing myself, learning my trade, mastering my trade and giving it one hundred and ten percent.

I’m beginning to think I wasn’t the only one thinking. Think about that. Americans had a lot of distractions and superficial worries the whole time until government told people they had to stay in place. They couldn’t work. They couldn’t go outside. They had minor entertainments and they had time. Time to think.

Instead of the go go of life. They had to sit, stay and then think.

It all changes the dynamics when your thinking about the reason, the justification of working a bullshit boring job you don’t give a shit about.

Warm Regards



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