Okay it’s over. Shang Chi has arrived…

Finally after ten plus years of comic movies this shit is over…

Well to be honest it ended for me when Iron Man died.

An Ode to Iron Man

He was original. He was flawed. He was a self made hero with principles and morals. He was a true Sigma Lone tiger. He was not defined by a suit of armor. He was not defined by a series of inventions. He was defined by the brilliance of his imagination and mind to grasp and think of an answer to a problem. He never gave up.

He was a man. He was Iron Man.

Anyway, I’m looking at this bullshit trailer and it just feels so….boring.

Mind you I love martial arts flicks. But this shit is so….boring and I don’t care and neither does the people that made the movie and trailer.

It’s fucking weak sauce on a Mayonnaise sandwich. It’s fucking over. The marvel movie marathon is over son.

Listen to the jank ass backwards dialog in the trailer. Holy shit. It fucking hurts my ears.

I can’t care less. It’s just so damn boring. Sure they might get somebody to like it?!

Holy shit. How long are they going to keep this shit show up?

Warm Regards,



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