You remember that Time Emma Watson tried to make people believe mastubating was a new type relationship

Short post. I can’t stop laughing about it even now. The poison of these crazy bullshit reasoning times, my dude.

This big headed alien chicka is hitting the fucking wall face forward and was beginning to get that feeling of a creeping need in her body in her fucking soul…that was a evolutional need. She needed a 6’4 tall muscled shit kicking cowboy to give her the hammer treatment on a table so she could make five babies and feed him breakfast naked on his birthday.

But in these dark times you have to understand baby making is evil because reasons. The evil blue hair sea beasts are whispering to her behind closed doors. Their inductionating her with weird SJW spells of fantasy land relationships.

They got her to say this stupid shit in public with a straight face.

An idea of true blue haired dumbass brilliance…

Instead of a man, all she needs is her own hand.

Warm Regards



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