The dialog in The Luminaries is addictive

I’m dipping into the Luminaries again today. I’m still on the beginning section of the book.

Okay. The thing that made me want to read this book is because of how weird and interesting it sounded in a review I saw.

But, one thing that I remembered as I was reading was the mention of how much of a page turner it is.

Honest and true. It is. I find myself comfortably engaged in the story, the plot and in the moments of reading and having my imagination of the scenes going on in my head.

The narrator that is telling you the story is a character as well.

It gives me that Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy feel type of narrative voice. Not British humor narrative but that close and personal feel of third person in that room sharing events of what’s happening in the room.

I really dig it. I could rock with this book for more then a couple months.

Warm Regards,



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