The party is on June 8th 2036….brainstorming, The Matrix, The simulation

The doctor’s office

The present


I walked into the doctor’s office it was nearly empty but for a man siting down waiting by the door. A man in a brokes brother navy blue suit came out the doctor’s door and paused before looking annoyed at the man that sat looking at something on his phone.

The man looked up and smiled. “Sorry you couldn’t make it to June, 8th, 2036 party. I hope you have a nice boring life.”

The man flinched at the comment turned and stomped out of the doctor’s office.

I frowned but went to the front desk and told the assistant about my appointment and sat down.

The man looked up at me and smiled. “You interested in going to the party. I promise you it will be a interesting time.”

I studied him. “2036?”

He nodded. “The name’s Jim. I got a hundred people on my list. It’s a big one. I got a committee gathering every two weeks to plan out the event.”

“What kind of party is it?”

“Guns, girls and fun. A whole lot of fun.” Jim said.

“Sounds like a Texas, Saturday night. It sounds. What’s the catch?”

Jim shrugged. “You can’t get vaccinated. Other then that it’s a fun time.”

“You against vaccines or something?” I asked.

Jim shrugged. “The party is for people that aren’t hocked into the simulation.” He said.

“Oh you one of those weirdos that think the vaccines are some type of conspiracy?”

Jim snorted and shook his head. “I don’t give a fuck about that shit. Covid is here to stay. Today it’s the delta version of it next year will be a new weaker mutantation maybe called Gamma. You can’t waste life living in fear. Your going to die. I’m going to die but for that day I want to party and be free with my friends. You got conditions that you need the vaccines?”

I had to shake my head. “No. Just my job making me take it.”

“Is a good job?’

“It’s just a job. There’s nothing good about it.”

Jim shook his head. “What’s the purpose in getting vaccinated when you don’t need it and for a job you don’t give a shit about?”

“Mr. Marks. The doctor is ready to give you your shot.” A nurse said.

I got up. “Stay a bit. I want to hear about this party. I’ll be back.”

Jim shook his head. “Nope. You go in there. You can kiss the invite to guns and tits goodbye.”

I sat down. “What kind of tits we’re talking here? Real or fake?”

Jim frowned at me. “Come on my dude. You know damn well I wouldn’t be talking big about anything lower then a C and the highest it’s Double Ds. But, tits are tits.”

He had a point. “I could get Covid?”

“When’s the last recorded death of Covid 19 this year? Not cases. Deaths? Do you know?”

Understanding hit me and knew what he was saying. “I understand it’s bullshit but seriously though can you show me a picture of these girls?”

“Mr. Marks….the doctor is-

Jim smiled and turned his phone toward my face. I saw two females in bras holding Rifles.

“I’m in.”

Warm Regards,


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