Great Papo’s response to the 2020 elections?!

In the backyard of the family estate great grandson asks Great Papo about his thoughts on the 2020 election.

Great Papo gives me a narrow eye stare. “Are you working for the feds now youngster?”

I stare at him. Great Papo wasn’t joking.  He hated the government with a passion. “No. I’m asking your opinion so I can blog about it.”

Great Papo goes back to work on the kitchen garden tending the soil. “We got a perfect shit storm coming youngster and I got to get this kitchen garden going to feed the family. Just in case shit hits the fan sooner then I think. What does the Boomer say? He’s into that bullshit.”

“He voted for the old dude. So he’s happy. He hated Trump.” I said.

Great Papo shook his head. “He was probably high at the time. Useless Fucking Boomer. Did you tell him what I told you?”

I grimanced. “I did.”

He looks at me. “What did you tell him? My instructions were clear.”

“I told him, Great Papo said if you attempt to fuck my girl again great Papo was going to write you out of the mother fucking will but not before he set fire to the motorcycle.”

“What the fuck did that Boomer say then?”

“He said you were a old crazy bastard and I shouldn’t believe he was trying to fuck my girl.”

Great Papo stared at me. “What did you say?”

“I told him not to fuck around and that you have people watching his ass. He said he had a new girlfriend and he wasn’t into 20 year olds anymore.”

Great Papo’s eyes seemed to light up with a blazing fire. He smiled craftly. “That lying fucking Boomer. I told you he was going to say that shit. You busy worrying about some bullshit election and that fucking Boomer is trying to fuck your girl. I got that fucking Boomer though. I talked to your girl.”

I stared at him. “What the fuck did you talk to her…aw shit.”

Great Papo grinned. “I got that fucking Boomer now. She told me he was making her cash offers for some pussy but I told her your getting all my shit and that fucking Boomer is a selfish asshole that got himself fixed so he didn’t have anymore mistakes? I told her she marry you she’ll be comfortable and worry free about a damn thing. Hock up with that fucking Boomer she’ll have to deal with his bullshit, his ex jealous females and his sexual diseases. The poor girl nearly pissed herself laughing.”

“Holy shit. Man. We’re not even talking about marriage. You don’t know if grandpa got fixed. Do you?”

Great Papo snorted. “Get back to working youngester. I just saved that fucking Boomer son of mean from you taken wrench to his stupid head. I feel so good I could shit bricks right now.”

Warm Regards,



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