Covid masks theories: The Overlords will not allow you to be free? So stop thinking the masks will go away

My job is bringing back the mandatory masks bullshit. Keep in mind most folks have already been vaccined because the government and people in lab jackets told them to for reasons.

It’ll last for a few weeks then people will ignore it. The bosses will whine and the cycle will continue on until nobody is wearing a mask.

Why this dance again then though?

So what’s the purpose of telling people what to do? What is the purpose in being vacced just to continue wearing masks and living in fear?


Real talk. The Overlords are not going to allow you and I to have freedoms.

People are waiting, begging and hoping these fuckers will give them their freedoms back.

Why the fuck should they? What benefit is it to a politician or a dude in a lab jacket to give up that power to rule over the mind and actions of humans.

In France as we speak the people have accepted that people in charge need to understand that their very lives depend on the French people being tolerate of them breathing.

Here in North America….fucking pussies. People celebrated the 4th of July here and think of that shit as a party day not a day men had enough of a King’s ruleship and told him to go fuck himself and went to war against him…not once but twice and won.


Because creating a free nation for them and their children was more trustworthy then fucking with a dude that treated them less then worthy of rights of liberty and fair trials.

Still though. That’s all history. We the people of united states dying Empire are on a crosswords.

What will we do when this simulation is over? When we have to face the reality that the Overlords are not our friends and neighbors. Their foreign agents out to fuck us over while sending money back home to their nations and taking a piss on the America that is swimming in sea of pussfied beta bitch simps.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

If you’ve read my posts for past months you sure enough know what I will do.


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